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Find deepest node(s) of a binary tree

Find deepest node(s) of a binary tree


Given a binary tree find the node(s) at its deepest level. For example,

  Constructed binary tree is:
                 /      \
                2        3
              /  \        \
             4   5        8
                        /    \
                       6       7

The output would be 6,7


We do a preorder traversal of the tree. While calling the recursive function we pass an array containing level and list of nodes. During the preorder traversal, this same array is always passed. So the elements of this array work as global variables. Whenever we call the recursive function to a node's children we increase the level by 1. At each node if the level value in the array is less than the current level value then we clear the previous node list, as we found a deeper level. If the level value is equal then we keep on adding the current node in the list.


import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;

public class FindDeepestNodes
 public static void main(String[] args)
  Node a = new Node(1);
  Node b = new Node(2);
  Node c = new Node(3);
  Node d = new Node(4);
  Node e = new Node(5);
  Node f = new Node(8);
  Node g = new Node(6);
  Node h = new Node(7);
  a.left = b;
  a.right = c;
  b.left = d;
  b.right = e;
  c.right = f;
  f.left = g;
  f.right = h;

  List nodes = findDeepestNodes(a);
  for (Node node : nodes)
   System.out.print(node.value + ", ");

 private static List findDeepestNodes(Node root)
  Object[] levelNodes = new Object[2];
  levelNodes[0] = 0;
  levelNodes[1] = new ArrayList();
  findDeepestNodes(root, 1, levelNodes);
  return (List) levelNodes[1];

 private static void findDeepestNodes(Node root, int level,
   Object[] levelNodes)
  if (root == null)
   if((Integer)levelNodes[0] < level)
  findDeepestNodes(root.left, level+1, levelNodes);
  findDeepestNodes(root.right, level+1, levelNodes); 

 static class Node
  Node left;
  Node right;
  int value;

  public Node(int value)
   this.value = value;